Beck / Sonic Youth Split 7″ (Covering Each Other)

In celebration of the 2nd annual record store day, Matador is offering three new records in limited edition runs of 2500, and lucky for us one of them is a split 7″ with Beck and Sonic Youth, respectively performing covers of one another.

OLE-865-7    Sonic Youth – “Pay No Mind” (Beck cover)  b/w  Beck – “Green Light”  (Sonic Youth cover) 7″


Thanks for the tip delta!

– breathmint

UPDATE: added link to DiscoQ

UPDATE: New Details?

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6 Responses to “Beck / Sonic Youth Split 7″ (Covering Each Other)”

  1. breathmint says:

    just when you thought you had all the Pay No Mind 7″s…. MUHAHWHAHWHAHWA!!!!!!

  2. rcaedic says:

    Didn’t have much hope, but just had to check and see if the local store (2 hours away, in Boise) will be participating in Record Store Day…AND THEY ARE!! I know where we’re spending OUR April 18th! :)

  3. mellow says:

    cool. can’t wait to hear this.

  4. sambeatty says:

    In celebration of Record Store Day, I will download the rip of the 7″ illegally.

  5. […] a recent Matador blog post, there seems to be a hint that the aformentioned Beck / Sonic Youth split 7″ may be released in several different colors, each being split […]

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