Some Bits Of News And Things

1. New music! Go here and listen. A radio contest winner got Beck to write a song about him. The results are marvelous! You think Beck doesn’t have fun anymore? Isn’t weird enough like he used to be? Listen to that.

2. Beck’s show in San Francisco was recorded, and is being shared here. Thanks to the taper!

3. Beck’s father, David Campbell, will be conducting an orchestra at Beck’s show at the Hollywood Bowl later this month. Hopefully they’ll do more than just “Paper Tiger” and “Volcano”! I have no idea what the plans are, but should be awesome. Campbell has conducted all the strings you hear on Beck’s albums; they work quite well together.

4. For some reason I thought I had more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

9 Responses to “Some Bits Of News And Things”

  1. eugene says:

    thanks for the bits of news & things!

    The San Fran show sounds pretty good. Just noticed he played all the songs from Modern Guilt. Is this normal with the recent club shows?

  2. Beckish says:

    Beck is as much fun as:
    A flaming piece of shit on a stick being twirled around a Cirque Du Soleil show.
    Rock on Beck!!! thanks WC!!

  3. cofuture says:

    a bunch of the parts of the brandon nevins song aren’t working for me. anyone grab the whole thing and convert it to some non-proprietary format?

  4. almostaghost says:

    Cofu and all, here it is in mp3

    thanks to my man Delta for flipping it

    Eugene, the recent club show I saw (the El Cid one) didn’t have Profanity Prayers, but had the other 9. I guess it is a c lub thing to rock most of MoGu.

  5. Thakmere says:

    umm,, am i mistaken to think that its “got more flavors than 7-11”?? is that not obviously what hes saying? so the second ?? shouldn’t even be in there, i dont know what you’re hearing…. >.> then “like a revrend (or however you spell it) with bread 11” is waht i hear, but the revrend part is rite… idk. jsut saying… byebye. thanks for the mp3 rapidshit.

  6. Dizastrow says:

    Is anyone else planning on going to the show in Minneapolis on September 30th? THis will be my 5th time seeing Beck, I cant wait!

  7. cofuture says:

    awesome, thx ghost :)

  8. njikòlai says:

    I was singing “Brandon nevins” all day.

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