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I’ve been working on a number of updates to the site lately. It’s basically a complete overhaul from scratch. It’s going well, but there’s not a specific launch date that I have in mind.

Anyway, I’m going to be putting in a lot of new features. Most of these are things that I’ve wanted to see on the site for awhile, or that tie it together more. Some of them are things I’ve thought of, some are things Ghost requested, and some have been requested by other BekFRX.

My question is this: what features, elements, or sections would you like to see added to whiskeyclone.net? Your ideas can be as general or specific as you like, wild and crazy or mundane. I can’t promise they’ll all make it in, but I’m definitely curious what you guys think. So sound off in the comments, and be creative!

16 Responses to “Whiskeyclone Feature Wishlist”

  1. Marco says:

    What about a tablature section? That’d be cool.

  2. Coolsvilleguy says:

    There’s becktabs for that marco. Speaking of becktabs I wish I could just download songs straight from the site but back on topic.

    I think the only major thing I’d like is what you’re already doing with the weekly Beck oeuvre is awesome. I have over 12 hours of Beck music but I know I’m still missing the majority of it. I’d go to becktabs like I said earlier but my machine’s pretty slow and I can’t really the program very well for some reason. But that feature finally gives me some insight into when Beck started. I’d imagine that could mean legal trouble of course.

  3. besky says:

    A photos section would be great, I think.

  4. Coolsvilleguy says:

    I didn’t mean to say majority of his music, just his early songs. I say this because while I love all of his albums Mellow Gold is my favorite. Sorry for double post

  5. Sam says:

    I agree with Besky- it’d be good to have some sort of photo gallery ,especially for the fairly rare early nineties photos. A user submitted one perhaps.

  6. RockMeDiabeetus says:

    Fan covers/remix section. It would be really cool to hear a bunch of different interpretations of songs in one place.

  7. eugene says:

    No particular comment for the site. Just wanted to mention a d/l of the Outside Lands webcast can be found here:


  8. Thakmere says:

    i little chatroom-esk chunk. like a little text box. not like the beck tabs thing that u can get banned from. jsut somethign that people can see what other people ask or say and respond to it–moar immediatly. so like, if u have an general question, u can type it in, and check back every so often and see if anyones replied. but not like this where u gotto find a certain thign to poast in. and not like the myspace groups where u have stupid seperate ideas and poasts.. just a chat box basically. either some where on the front page or on paper. but eh. jsut a suggestion. im sure other people cud dig it too..

    and i dont mean to be rude or anything. but a nice thign wud for someone to update the freaking diskobox moar. i mean– wtfbbq.

  9. Brian says:

    hopefully this isnt to late but, mark the projects that beck has and had in his store and updates of his site.
    also mark down the magazines and news articles beck’s been in over time.

  10. Beckish says:

    Bell’s and Whistles
    Whrilling stuff
    colored confetti
    A place to learn how to let the Wilderness burn
    3-D images
    Leaf blower rentals
    Truck dancing naked
    Beck radio streaming music from AMG’s and Newtron’s beck collection
    A smoking room w/Jesus Christ
    A secret bonus beats page that no one knows about
    You know the normal stuff
    Now get on it

  11. Beckish says:

    oh yea one more thing
    in the search @ AAG
    if you search for evil (which beck sings of very little)
    you get Devil also (which he sings a lot about)
    I tried “evil” and got nothing
    could we have a boolean search option?

  12. breathmint says:


    disco updates feed.

  13. almostaghost says:

    Beckish, we already have a secret bonus beats page that nobody knows about.

    Note to self, and Newt: we should expand somewhere (Ghost/Disco) to include those ideas/projects Beck has mentioned that never came to pass, or were never released.

  14. OldSlab says:

    I would like to see “The land beyond” section of this site completed. The one that has the Steve Moramarco interview.

  15. truckdrivinneighbor says:

    How about direct links to bootlegs, instead of having to download that whole file sharing biz?

  16. eggman says:

    Sections for stuff like photos and interviews would be cool.

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