The Beck Oeuvre: Song #8 “Ain’t Your Time To Go”

This old song did not pull out much response from the FRX. We’ve got another cool photo from Momma (“like a driftwood in the night that was washed up by the light”), and you can download the song at the end.

Everything I would reflect on the song is over on the Ghost page. These KCRW shows, they’re must-hears. They are goldmines of Beckness, full of these wordy, rambling folk songs that he used to do so well. It was digging into these performances and the gems within that directly led to satisfy my musical obsessiveness, and eventually kick off this site.


Like a driftwood in the night that was washed up by the light of the moon that bleached my bones then sent me to the pile

Download me. (file removed)

Next up, Beck’s cover of Elliott Smith’s “Alameda”!

4 Responses to “The Beck Oeuvre: Song #8 “Ain’t Your Time To Go””

  1. mikeC says:

    Great song. I have the werberly tape version of it, (did only one person tape these earlier kcrw shows?)
    Beck seemed to be getting sick of his 3 chord acoustic stuff at this point, he seems kind of bored but I like it.

  2. eggman says:

    The link doesn’t work; anyone have another? I’d love to hear this.

  3. almostaghost says:

    Oops sorry, made a typo, thanks for pointing that out.

    It should be fixed now.

  4. eggman says:

    Thanks. It’s not the most original Beck song in comparison – there are many others that sound similar – but that doesn’t mean at all they’re not good. It really depends on my mood; somedays I wanna rock out MV style, and sometimes I just want to hear Beck messing around on his guitar.

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