Beck in Reno and Outside Lands

First, the Reno setlist. Devendra Banhart opened, and played a couple songs with Beck. Our own Vitamin.Deb was there, and from whom I got the setlist:

Devil’s Haircut
Que Onda Guero
Black Tambourine
Soul of a Man
Modern Guilt
Gamma Ray
Nicotine & Gravy
Hell Yes (Ghettochip Malfunction)
Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (with Devendra)
Hey Mama Wolf (with Devendra)
Golden Age
Lost Cause
Where It’s At

Second, Outside Lands Festival… tonight. I’m a bit late on this, and am as annoyed as anyone, but apparently Beck’s set was webcast at GAH, missed it! Did anyone happen to watch and rip it? Please let us know:

UPDATE: Some clips of Outside Lands are already on YouTube. Watch and enjoy!

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  1. Coolsvilleguy says:

    Vitamin, did Beck’s show lack energy? I heard from a lot of people his shows have been more serious and there’s little to no stage banter. It’s kind of disappointing to hear. What did you think about it?

  2. almostaghost says:

    Coolsville, watch the YouTube clips I just added to the post above. I won’t speak for VitaminDeb but check those out.

  3. RockMeDiabeetus says:

    He seems really bored. He’s forgetting words. It’s weird to watch.

  4. albino says:

    Watching Odelay-era clips, when Beck was playing clubs and such his shows were brilliant because he was playing them like he was at Madison Square Garden. Now, when he’s playing for thousands at outdoor festivals, it seems like he’s performing in a bar with 20 people who are almost as disinterested as he is.

    Then again, these are just clips, and a not-at-his-best Beck still might be the best show in the world. (I thought the low-key songs were perfect though, and how about that Dylan cover!)

  5. eugene says:

    The YouTube clips sound great. I hope someone was able to rip it.

  6. deb says:


    There was no lack of energy musically. There was a bit of banter, but generally he is going for the serious, music-focused show you are hearing about these days. I knew it would be like that going in, so I enjoyed it for that.

    I wrote more here:

  7. almostaghost says:

    While I have seen some energyless shows in the recent past, the two I’ve seen this week have me encouraged. Beck was in good spirits at the El Cid, and what I’ve watched of Outside Lands seems pretty solid too.

  8. Beckish says:

    Beck is DEAD
    Long live Beck
    So why don’t you Kill him
    He is a Loser

  9. mellow says:

    ^ video of hey mama wolf from rano

  10. Naomi Omio says:

    Beck is VERY tired of touring, in his new spin interview he says this might be his LAST TOUR. Thats why his live show isnt as good, he dosn’t like touring as much.

  11. almostaghost says:

    *sigh* No, the shows this week have been very good–both from what I’ve read and the show I saw myself.

    Spin Interview is duly noted, but really… I can’t imagine Beck stopping.

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