The Beck Oeuvre: Song #5 “99”

Beck and Jack White, August 11, 2002

Hey, Beck and Jack White!  What’s that on your record player?

“99”?  Who is that?

Barbara Feldon

Oh I see.  From Get Smart“!  And you say you’re going to play it live tonight?

Beck & Jack play it live! (right click and save as!) (file removed)

Awesome!  What did the FRX think of the song?


Have you heard the original, Barbara Feldon version of this song? No?! Do yourself a favour and get it right now!

Who didn’t have a crush on Agent 99? Three groups of people: people that like dudes, people that didn’t watch Get Smart, and people that are dead. I am not a member of any of those groups! Venn diagram!

I think it’s great that Barbara Feldon recorded this song. It’s funny, and I assume it means she wasn’t uptight about being typecast as 99. When Beck and Jack White did this song, I spent some trying to find the original 7″ that Feldon released, but I guess it’s pretty rare (or at least hard to Google).

Unfortunately, Beck doesn’t really participate too much in his version — it’s pretty much just Jack White letting loose. However, how bad-ass is it that Jack White knows and loves this song, guys? Very bad-ass! I guess Beck’s lackluster additions are pretty funny.


I know it’s the wrong “99,” but I wanted to include a picture of Anne Hathaway. <3

We’re done with the numbers!  Next song up: “Ace Of Spade”!

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  1. Alex says:

    great song – if anybody besides beck is the man, it’s jack white

  2. cofuture says:

    Please post more Venn diagrams. Circles are good.

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