Beck to play China? Maybe not anytime soon

According to Pitchfork, China will be clamping down on artists/musicians who perform there.  After an “outburst” in which Björk shouted “Tibet!” while performing in Shanghai, China says, “Any artistic group or individual who [has] ever engaged in activities that threaten national sovereignty will not be allowed in.”

I’m guessing they would include performing at a Tibeten Freedom Concert in that statement?  Who knows.  Anyways, Chinese Beck fans hang in there and feel the Beck love.


2 Responses to “Beck to play China? Maybe not anytime soon”

  1. mellow says:

    i think china would turn a blind eye here and make an exception to the rule

  2. eugene says:

    unrelated but still news..

    Vampire Voltage No.6 is here:

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