odeluxe extras list

some reports from various people about extra crap that comes with odelay deluxe:

  • breathmint notes that there is a limited series of 5 (or maybe more) “mexican style calendars” that are being handed out if you buy your odeluxe at an indie record shop – while supplies last
  • theonlyrodable says that odeluxe comes with 4 postcards if you buy it at best buy

any others?

4 Responses to “odeluxe extras list”

  1. deb says:

    Bummer, I just called the 2 indie record shops here in Sacramento and neither of them got the extra swag with the delivery – they’re selling it for 25.99 and 24.79 without. Called the nearby Best Buy and they have the postcard set and are selling for 19.99, so I guess I’m going big corporate on this one. Boo.

  2. cofuture says:

    I hear you get a can of whiskey when you buy it at Cap n’ Cork. They’ll even throw in the new Yanni cassette.

  3. Bonnevillen1979 says:

    I purchased two (of the possible five?) of the Beck!Odelay calendars on eBay. Each has a different illustration of a young woman, crediting “authors” Angel Martin and Maurice Devaux, for the pictures I assume. Is anyone fluent in Spanish? That’s what all the text is printed as. Reads: “Hecho en Mexico por…” If anyone wants pictures, please let me know.

  4. mike says:

    “Hecho en Mexico por” means “Made in Mexico for”

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