Got an email from AJR, letting me know about Tributosaurus, who on Wednesday in Chicago will be playing two shows of Beck songs. Hopefully it will be as good as their Supertramp evening! If anyone goes, let us know how it is!

Check the link for more info…

UPDATE:   Here’s an update from AJR, sounds like it was fun… any bootlegs?
surprisingly high-energy show. really weird/refreshing to hear almost note-for-note recreations of the album versions—something you don’t hear from beck himself anymore. i mean, when was the last time you heard him do the “THAT IS COLD, SOMEBODY PUT A FLAMETHROWER ON THAT” interlude from “beercan”? plus, the band’s instrumentation was fucking impeccable—huge horn section, huge string section, full-on sitar during “nobody’s fault”, even live backwards-sounding vocals and guitar parts during songs like “loser”. i would highly recommend the band, if they’re playing someone you love. their banter was great, too—they replaced “glendale” with “glenview” (only chicagoans would really get that) and at the end of “the new pollution”, the guitarist said “X-R-T” in the way that local middle-of-the-road radio station WXRT does their callsign. it was funny at the time.

anyway, here’s the setlist:

1) loser
2) devil’s haircut
3) sunday sun
4) que onda guero
5) beercan
6) girl
7) nobody’s fault but my own
8) think i’m in love
9) “pink panther theme” interlude
10) the new pollution
11) crystal clear (beer) [!!!]
12) sexx laws
13) jack-ass
14) missing
15) paper tiger
16) lost cause
17) debra
18) tropicalia
19) where it’s at

the tradition for the band is that their encore is a song from the artist that they’ll be covering next month, so they ended the night with “the weight” by the band.


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  1. abraham joseph ross riesman '08 says:

    i emailed the setlist to the dudes who run the site, but nobody’s posted it up yet. should i post it in the comments?

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