singles boxset update

I have pre-ordered the singles boxset from and I just recently received this e-mail from them:

Thank you for shopping with
Release date of your following order has been postponed.

===== Information =====
release date is posponed to 06/27/07.
We’ll ship the item as soon as it comes out.

[Order Number]08000732
[Catalogue Number]UICF5009
[Title]Singles 1994-2006 (Ltd)(Box)

*You will receive Shipping Information when your order is shipped.

So it looks like the new release date for now is June 27, 2007. Who knows if this is firm, or if they’re just going to keep pushing it forward.

Still no news on Odelay Deluxe.

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  1. Dustin Perry says:

    I ordered mine through Amazon Japan and received a “Delay in your order” e-mail from them. I checked back on the site and it said the new release date is Sept. 26. Who knows, maybe they finally locked down “Odelay Deluxe” and pushed back the singles box set to coincide.

  2. bruno says:

    wow…never knew that something like this was going to be released!

    the tracklisting on looks great, and it looks like it included a lot of the hard-to-find remixes, too!

    now, let’s hope this doesn’t end up like other japanese only releases that never see the light of day (i.e. my bloody valentine)

    peas out

  3. Thakmere says:

    i bought a pre-order box set thingy on ebay for $150, and its as of now, being released on oct 2nd. so……….. WTF!!!??? is there ANYTHING on odelay deluxe? or has that gone down the drain again? jesus… get it together beck/record company. im hoping he keeps pulling it back cause hes making it better and better. so if this is true, then i better be getting the koolest fucking thing on the planet. if its not, i will go to beck’s house and beat the living shit out of him… thats all.
    -have a nice day folks! :)

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