Animals With Bananas

Yes, a second apology for missing comments. A lot of real comments sometimes get lost in a wave of Spam comments.

To make it up, check this out:

Both Dave and I were there and had a blast, and that’s me on the right, as the “uberfan.” I’m in the Q&A as well. Enjoy! If you’d like, you can purchase the set from Yahoo directly.
Also if you haven’t heard, The Information Deluxe version is coming out sometime soon. Has some extras, remixes and lyrics and stickers. The only thing I’d really be interested in was more accurate song credits! Info on Info Deluxe at

Otherwise, not sure what’s ahead for 2007. A short tour of Japan is in April, that’s the only real official activity scheduled. I know Beck’s recorded some tracks here and there for whatever… no idea what’ll happen with those. With Beck, who knows?

UPDATE 2007-02-06: Beck got bumped for John Legend on the page linked above. The Beck set can now be found at here.

4 Responses to “Animals With Bananas”

  1. cofuture says:

    maybe you guys can get your own puppets…

  2. Newtron Bomb says:

    holy balls, that’s a great idea. i am seriously going to consider that.

  3. Bartek says:

    Yeah, yeah, Japan. And what about Poland ?

  4. Jim says:

    I’m unfortunate that I live in the south where a lot of big time musicians don’t appear other than for Bonaroo. I would like to know, when are you going to tour in the deep south?

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