grind the whining bastards in their tracks, new jack baby

Nacho Libre update: iTunes and will soon feature “confessionals” from Jack Black shot during the filming of Nacho Libre. There will be two per week starting March 15 and going for two and half months. In a crazy case of meta-promotion, there is a trailer out advertising these confessionals, which you can download here.

How is this Beck related? Well, Beck is scoring Nacho Libre. An earlier trailer for the movie featured already featured a new Beck song and it is likely that some/all of these confessionals will also have some new Beck tunes. In fact, the new trailer linked above has a better version of the same song we’ve already heard, so that’s pretty darn exciting. Scratch that, I’m just stupid. This is a song that is in the other trailer, but not the Beck one. At least, I don’t think it’s Beck.

Confused? I’m sorry. I know that was poorly written, but I’m tired and can’t bring myself to edit it right now.

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