Spaceships can’t tame the jungle

If you haven’t noticed AlmostAGhost has a new design up. I think it looks great and thank Dave for the great work on it. This new database should allow better interaction with the other sections of the site, and for more functionality and useful features in the future.

– Vin

UPDATE: PS. I wanted to add that there will be a source/era way to view the songs on AlmostAGhost soon enough. That is one of the functionalities we will be adding. More than a few people have asked about that, so I thought I’d mention it here too. Thanks for the interest! :-)

2 Responses to “Spaceships can’t tame the jungle”

  1. leaflet says:

    Hay looks great and the added functionality is killer. I really like the credit addition alot and the search function is steller. Thou and there is always one of those with me. I do miss the era function, that was a great way to organize it. IE colberations, covers and such. Did i miss this option or is it really gone? clue me in either way thx. But it is my fav page thx a bunch really. I also love the embebed live preformances too

    yours in gratitude

  2. Pauru says:

    Hey, I really appreciate what you’re doing here, and think the new design is down right snazzy, but the eras were my perferred method of categorization.

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