Tell Me That It Isn't True
By: Bob Dylan

Original Performance: Bob Dylan
Written by: Bob Dylan

  1. Tell Me That It Isn't True (2:02)
    Available on Beck And Dava.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Tell Me That It Isn't True [Version (a)]:

I have heard rumors all over town
That you are planning to put me down
All I want for you to do
Is say it isn't true

They say you've been seeing some other man
Tall, dark and handsome, and you're holding his hand
Darlin', I'm counting on you
Tell me that it isn't true

I know some other man is holdin' you tight
It hurts me all over, it isn't right

All of these awful things that I have heard
Don't want to believe them, so give me your word
All I want for you to do
Tell me it isn't true
The Song:

"Tell Me That It Isn't True" is a beautiful song from Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline album.

Beck's raw cover comes from a very informal tape of him singing songs at a house party or something in like 1990.
On this home tape, Beck covered three songs from Dylan's Nashville Skyline album: "Country Pie," "I Threw It All Away," and "Tell Me That It Isn't True."