Super Christ
By: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew, Thurston Moore

Written by: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew, Thurston Moore

  1. Super Christ (2:57)
    Available on KXLU Live.
    Recorded at: KXLU
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Beck Hansen: Keyboard / Synthesizer (Moog), Vocals (Background)
    Chris Ballew: Noise
Super Christ [Version (a)]:

Turn turn turn turn turn out a burn
A burn for you is yellow rice
What kind of jerk is that that becomes a super christ
Rip it into shapes and flick it to the babes, a sacrifice
Work it like a dog 'cause Snoopy is a dog from paradise
Bring out the world of color twirling color wheel
Freak out the 'fraidy cats like a burning man of steel
Rip up the shape and the junction is raped, it's civilized
Whippin' in the wind is Superman's friends' cactus eyes
Take off your top and drop a chunk of honky tonk
Run out the door and score a hunk of honky junk
Kick out the jacks, I'll buy snacks and get a life
Take off your brain, sell out your fame, super christ
The Song:

On March 8 1994, Beck, Thurston Moore, and Chris Ballew appeared on KXLU and improvised some "sporadic noise jams" (as calls them). KXLU is a college radio station in Los Angeles. The three "songs" they did together were semi-released as a promo tape to give to journalists and industry people and the like. It's pretty rare.

The show was written about in an article about Beck in Spin magazine (July, 1994).  It mentions one afternoon when Beck and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth were performing an improvised jam at the station. Thurston was on guitar, Chris Ballew scraped the metal bar of the mike stand, and Beck played Moog and improvised vocals (or "gurgling into the mike," as the writer put it). "What's this next song called?" Beck wondered, and Thurston replied to Beck and the audience listening on the radio, "This next one is called 'Super Christ'."

Apparently, midway through the song, in fine avant-garde radio fashion, Beck ran out of the studio and disappeared for three minutes. Three minutes later, he re-appeared, running up from the opposite direction. He does the same thing on a later song. He explained afterwards that he had set his Moog to play one sustaining note while he ran around the station office, rode down the elevator and then came back. [I don't know if that's an entirely true story, as "Super Christ" is a pretty short track.]

Thurston Moore would record this song properly for his album, Psychic Hearts. (Without Beck or Ballew.) It ended up as an outtake/b-side from the album, however.

The other two songs from the set are "Bedroom Light" and "Super Funky."

Played live once:
March 8, 1994