Super Funky
By: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew, Thurston Moore

Written by: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew, Thurston Moore

  1. Super Funky (9:54)
    Available on KXLU Live.
    Recorded at: KXLU
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Electric), Noise
    Beck Hansen: Keyboard / Synthesizer (Moog), Vocals
    Chris Ballew: Noise
Super Funky [Version (a)]:

Mother funky!
Mother funky!
Oh my God!
Oohhhh ohhhohh

The Song:

On March 8 1994, Beck, Thurston Moore, and Chris Ballew appeared on KXLU and improvised some "sporadic noise jams" (as calls them). KXLU is a college radio station in Los Angeles. The three "songs" they did together were semi-released as a promo tape to give to journalists and industry people and the like. It's pretty rare.

The other two songs from the set are "Bedroom Light" and "Super Christ."

Beck sings on this one, but "sing" is used loosely. He and Chris Ballew shout all sorts on incomprehensible things. The music is even crazier. It's freaking bad-ass.


Played live once:
March 8, 1994