I was wrong, the Beck/Liars/St. Vincent/Os Mutantes is the next Record Club #4, and they’re covering INXS album Kick.

How’s that for a combination of musicians all in one sentence?


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  1. Christopher Cochran says:

    Heads Up! (speculation): according to a post on the Stephen Malkmus message board, in the new issue of Mojo (not out in US yet, AC/DC is on the cover) there is an article about the Pavement reuinion in which Malkmus says that Beck produced / is producing the 5th album by Malkmus’s current band the Jicks… the Jicks have gone on hiatus so Malkmus can relive his glory days with the one-off Pavement tour, and Malkmus has already played an album’s worth (or more) of material live… haven’t seen any confirmation that anything has actually been recorded yet though, or any reality to back this up. Would be interesting to say the least…

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