Upcoming Musics

A summary, in no particular order:

1. Record Club continues. After the VU & Nico album, it is unclear what is next. There are two Record Clubs recorded–one with MGMT and Devendra and the guy from Wolfmother (not clear what album, one report said Talking Heads) and Skip Spence’s Oar album with Wilco. (The VU & Nico tracks come out weekly, so far on Thursdays. Though “All Tomorrow’s Parties” got out a few days early.)

2. Modern Guilt Acoustic – over on beck.com/videotheque there is an acoustic run-through of the whole album. This was recorded with the live band after the last tour (Brian, Bram, Jessica & Joey). (Tracks are uploaded one a week, so far on weekends — Sat or Sun.)

3. Charlotte Gainsbourg album – supposedly out at the end of this year, Beck wrote and produced much of her record. Tracks may include “Paradisco.”

4. Scott Pilgrim soundtrack – Beck recorded a few songs for the soundtrack to this movie, as apparently the band Sex Bob-omb. Tracks may include “Indefatigable.”

5. Sonic Youth’s EVOL – similar to record club, but for SY. They needed something for some project they’re doing; Beck recorded all of EVOL with his band for it. No idea when it’s going to be released

6. some song with Devendra Banhart for some soundtrack. (Beck mentioned this vaguely in a recent Pitchfork interview).

7. also in the Pitchfork interview Beck mentioned that he has another album knocking around that was started before Modern Guilt.

8. the second K Records release… more info on this was promised a few months back, but nothing new about it yet.

These are the main things that I believe are upcoming and the most recent. There’s a few other things that I think are a bit older and maybe lost to time (his straight-to-vinyl records with Jamie Lidell, etc.), but who knows. Lots of things happening, it’s a fun time to be a Beck fan.

4 Responses to “Upcoming Musics”

  1. mellow says:


    that pitchfork interview also mentioned something about maybe a b-side collection. the word used was tracks that are “hard to find” tho we’ll see if/when how that goes (i’m happy with whatever it will be, of course). i’m betting on if it does come out that it would split the different wherein half of it us most hardcore freaks would already have but also have things never before heard(?) < there’s plenty of that to.

    anyway yes. good times.

  2. geoff says:

    i only see two acoustic tracks so far… will he be releasing these slowly as well? I would love MP3s of all of this

  3. almostaghost says:

    Oh yea, MoGuAcou is coming out once a week… the first came on a Sunday, second on Saturday.

    I updated the post to include the uploading schedules.

  4. mervelousMEGUMI says:

    I still — STILL — want that 1994-2006 (it could be updated to 2009 now, maybe?) singles box set to come out. I’d make that thing the damn centerpiece on my dining room table.

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