Beck covers Sonic Youth’s EVOL in its entirety

Last November, Beck and his band covered on stage, “Star Power.” This is a Sonic Youth song from their album EVOL. A few months later, it was announced that Beck was releasing a cover of “Green Light,” which is also from EVOL. That release was a single, the b-side being a Sonic Youth cover of “Pay No Mind” no less!

What does all this EVOLness mean? We learned today, thanks to our friends in Japan, that Beck has covered the whole album. He said this in an interview/article with a Japanese magazine. I’m told it will be part of some Sonic Youth box set. I know SY has been releasing Deluxe versions of their albums, so maybe EVOL Deluxe? Or maybe some greater box set project?

Regardless, this is super interesting and really a fun thing for Beck to have done!

5 Responses to “Beck covers Sonic Youth’s EVOL in its entirety”

  1. Shabba says:

    Wow….this sounds amazing. Any links to mroe info?

  2. almostaghost says:

    No other info yet, just what Japanese fans are telling me the Japanese article says. Will post when I hear more.

  3. mervelousMEGUMI says:

    This sounds very cool. I have simply never made time to research Sonic Youth’s catalogue and develop a taste (or distaste) for them, so a Beck-covered version of one of their albums would be an awesome chance to hear some new Beck and possibly open a door to SY’s music.

    Speaking of box sets, I can’t be the only one still drooling over the prospect of that long-dormant, 18-disc Beck singles collection, can I? If it ever pops up again I will, without hesitation, re-preorder the $200+ Japanese limited edition. Any updates on that?

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