Modern Guilt Chocolates!

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet, there was a video for “Modern Guilt”:

I assume many may have already known this video, but wanted to share it as a lead in to these great looking Modern Guilt-inspired holiday chocolates. They were made by the lovely Yukari, and I wanted to share them with everyone! :)

5 Responses to “Modern Guilt Chocolates!”

  1. mellow says:

    looking good.


  2. alameda says:

    Dude… that video is officially the best thing EVER. I absolutely love it.

  3. Cupnoodle says:

    I love the ending of that video.


  4. yukari says:

    thanks for posting these pics. :)
    i still haven’t ate them. how can you eat beck?

  5. candydo says:

    eat beck? strictly a melt-in -your mouth proposition

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