Beck On KCRW Tuesday November 18 11:15am PST

Beck, who has been appearing on KCRW since 1993 with just about every album release, will be stopping by Morning Becomes Eclectic on Tuesday at 11:15am. The note says he will be playing “solo and acoustic” as well as DJing some tracks. Pull some mid-90s trickery on us, Beck, and drop some brand new unheard songs!

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  1. Thakmere says:


    I wish I lived in California… :( do you know if there will be a feed of some sort? or somewhere where we can listen to it after we get out of school or something??

  2. Conor says:

    You’ll probably be able to watch a video of it afterward here:

    Or you can listen to just the audio if you go to the MBE page and find the guest performance ( You can listen to the whole show too (guests are usually just in the last hour) if you want, but only until the next one airs.

    And you can always listen live, just find the link right on the homepage. I hope that helps; no need to move to CA, it’s getting crowded here anyway. Plus, there are fires all around – dangerous!

  3. eugene says:

    I guess Beck is playing because Nic Harcourt is leaving Morning Becomes Eclectic. Should be a good one.,0,4203690.story

  4. Alex says:

    The KCRW shows are gold. Where can I get the ones I don’t have?

  5. shayne says:

    what was the last song they played? My fuck’n comp chose to turn off right when jessica got on the piano.
    The gamma/modern guilt was fuck’n brillant.

  6. Thakmere says:

    @Alex: eBay.

    or go to the DC++ hub they have and try and find it……

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