The Beck Oeuvre #14: American Car

“American Car” is not a Beck song, per se, but a song by Bean. Beck sings back-up only. It’s a fun track, kinda goofy.

Here’s a note from Steve Moramarco (Bean), who, yes is the guy who threw up.


Well, first thing is that it really isn’t a “Beck song” but merely one where he lends his vocals to the bridge… I had an acoustic duo called Hill Of Beans (we have a song “Satan, Lend Me a Dollar” which was the inspiration for “Satan Gave Me a Taco“) and my partner in the band was out of the country living in Spain. Beck and I were friends, doing the folk scene together and our friend Gus [Hudson] (who put out Beck’s Stereopathetic Soulmanure and the Bean/Beck 7″ [“MTV” –ed.]) was doing an album of car songs. Beck recorded a tune, and I asked him to sing on “American Car” as well, which he obliged.


:Right off the bat – I don’t really like Beck’s part in this. I think it’s kinda the worst part of the song. BUT the song PERSEVERES.

This song is by far the best one on A Hot Wild Drive in the City. For one thing, most of the songs on the comp are, if I may say so, just terrible. Beck’s song ‘Put It In Neutral’ is pretty cool and dark and awesome, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the rollicking fun and excitement of ‘American Car’. ‘AC’ is the type of song that gets stuck in your head for three or four days and you don’t even mind. Those honking car horns, handclaps, and angry yet happy vocals just get me — wait for it — all revved up.

Ok, so speaking of car puns / metaphors, I have a story to tell. One time in high school I was in this Media class and we had a project for which we had to watch a number of related movies and write / present an analysis of them. I analyzed a bunch of movies that were written and/or directed by Don McKellar. The main theme that came out of them was one of journey, and a couple were actually road trip movies. When I had to do my presentation in front of the class I felt like being cheeky, so I tried to include as much car imagery and metaphor as possible. Every other sentence was a pun or a cliché. To me, this was absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, nobody else in the class noticed and I just looked like a boob who was giggling for no reason.

Sorry that story was kinda lame. I’m a little drunk now, maybe I could have told it better sober. It was funny at the time, I swear.

Zigga zigga wow wow wow.


This song reminds me of my college days, of too much time spent then with males who were neither boys nor men, and who were both infuriating and endearing.

Up next: “American Wasteland”!

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  1. Thakmere says:

    why aren’t you poasting links for DL’s or sumthing anymoar? i really liked it. easy way to get a nice clean collection.

  2. almostaghost says:

    Number of reasons. Mainly, I’m not going to share copyrighted songs, only live stuff or things already distributed on the web (like via For “Already Dead” I didn’t share anything because I am out of town and not with most of my live music. So I didn’t have anything to share for these last few songs…

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