The Beck Oeuvre #13: Already Dead

First, a quick note for the next month these will be coming a little bit slower. I’m busy, working some insane hours for a good cause; I won’t be as quick to the trigger as I might otherwise be on these.

The next one up is a beautiful song from Sea Change:


I love the sound of this song–the echo on Beck’s voice, the comforting acoustic guitar licks. But seriously, how about the way he sings “measured”? The songwriting too–superb. Look how “measured” alludes to “pleasures” and “treasures” from way back in the song. I don’t have any particular personal connection here, but I think all around it is one of Beck’s best.

As you can tell from my part of the site, I’m big into the message of songs. What does it say? How does it speak? This one is strong: a simple look at the end of love. What’s more heartbreaking? The loss of love? Or after that loss, the good memories falling off the edge, into nothing more? Time wearing away the pleasures.


I think I’ve been in a happy relationship far too long to be able to fully appreciate emo-Beck. There are a few songs I like on Sea Change but overall I am not a fan of the record. This song in particular is one of my least favorites. Talk about a major bummer downshift from Allegretto. Dang. I mean, it’s a good song I guess. I’m listening to it right now and it’s very pretty but it kinda makes me want to stay in bed all day and I have way too much to do. C’mon emo-Beck, the past is a cancelled check. Move on. I’ll buy you an ice cream sundae.


I like this song very much. And I like the rhymes.


the other day i was listening to beck’s 1998 modern rock live show (date:1998-11-08 – check hub for that) anyway one of the questions he was asked was about books. and he talked about that he was reading a book called Already Dead and it just kinda stuck out, i had heard the show before and i just then said to myself. hey he named a song off sea change that. not that they have any more in common; i don’t know. but anyway

as for the song itself. it’s ace.

I did have some live versions I liked and wanted to share, but am unable to at the moment (on a hard drive not with me). Maybe one of the readers can megashare or whatever some–the Philly 08-17-2002 is a favorite of mine, or perhaps one with The Flaming Lips?

Next up the old obscurity, “American Car”!

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