The Beck Oeuvre: Song #2 “10,000 Pesos″

“10,000 Pesos” is a short little piece Beck recorded for Nacho Libre. It was released on the soundtrack, and is in the film. (I believe these are two different versions, but have to verify.) Does anyone have any connection to the song beyond thinking of the film? Let’s see:


This little ditty is very Beck, you know? Whatever that means. It’s got that self-described jankity guitar strum style of his. If I’d gone to see Nacho Libre not knowing that Beck had done some of the music, I’d have suspected it was him even without that minimal humming vocal he put into this. But of course, being one of the uberfans, one of the reasons I went to see the movie was because I knew he’d done some of the music. The only thing I remember about the movie itself is the scene with the corn cob. Good lord, I haven’t thought of that scene in a while. Terrible and hilarious. I know this song was not in that scene so it’s sort of irrelevant, but oh well.


I actually think this track is sort of, well, not much to think about. “10,000 Pesos” just doesn’t seem to me to have all that much effort behind it. It seems to be what Beck would come up with if you handed him a guitar and said “go!” He’d strum those chords in that beautiful way, hum a little, and his band would help out behind him. But perhaps I am underestimating what it takes to make such a recording. Or perhaps I am overestimating Beck’s creative genius.


This is one of those songs that will always be tied to the movie it was in, for me anyways. I can almost see the scene from Nacho Libre playing in my head as this song plays. I believe it is the part where Nacho is sorta dejected and goes out alone into the desert or whatever. I get a feeling of quiet contemplation and acceptance of a somber situation (maybe this is just from the scene in the movie, but I think the music resonates the mood of the scene well). I love the simplicity of this song. The guitar strumming, and finger picking. Beck doing his signature humming in the background. A few other sparse instruments/sounds to add a little bit of decoration. Isn’t really a full song, but maybe phase or mood or snapshot of a moment.


Man, I have no idea what to say about this one. This project is hard.

I just listened to this on repeat a bunch of times, and all I can think of is that 1) it is pretty, and 2) I like Nacho Libre more than most people I think. There are some really great things about that movie, and I dare say some of it is beautiful. Perhaps I’ll expand on that more if I don’t have anything to say about one of the other Nacho songs.

In case you’re wondering:
10,000 Pesos = 1,013.82 U.S. dollars
10,000 Pesos = 1,042 Canadian dollars
10,000 Pesos = 42,725 Rupees
10,000 Pesos = 109,324 Yen
10,000 Pesos = 80,567 Icelandic Krona
10,000 Pesos = 3,586 Shekel
10,000 Pesos = 1,577 Brazilian Real

The madness that is “1000BPM” is next!

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  1. Brian says:

    Jack Black was in the sexx laws video

  2. RockMeDiabeetus says:

    I’ve never heard it or seen the movie.

  3. Donny says:

    wasn’t there some controversy with this soundtrack? Total throw away as a song. Pretty for a soundtrack, but that’s about it. Liked the movie.

  4. almostaghost says:

    Yea, I don’t recall all the details. But something like Beck was hired to score it, and did… and then someone (the studio maybe?) hired Danny Elfman to do it too. He did. In the end, they both ended up scoring it, and I think both have music in the film.

    Here’s a youtube video that has “10,000 Pesos” in it, if anyone reading hasn’t heard it and would like too

  5. albino says:

    These couple of entries inspired me to take inventory of all of Beck’s non-album tracks, and attempt to compile genre-themed collections of the very best of them. Some songs obviously don’t fit in perfectly with the theme, but in those cases I thought their style was similar enough to congeal with the rest.

    Most of the tracklistings are chronoligical, though with the blues/folk/country it basically goes backwards, to show Beck lovingly covering some of his favorites of this genre, and then showing his early original tributes. I also stuck the Odelay tracks at the end of the ‘hip-hop’ one (bare with me on the broad genre classifications).

    This is just of course a big geek-out session, and it’d be cool if anybody has any suggestions for their favorites that were left out.

    One Mellow Foot in the Gold Grave (Blues/Folk/Country)
    1. Forget Marie (
    2. Magnolia (Live – Austin City Limits)
    3. Lonesome Whistle (Live – Austin City Limits)
    4. Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams)
    5. Stagolee (Mississippi John Hurt)
    6. I’m So Glad (Skip James)
    7. Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Live – R. Johnson, Anthology of AF)
    8. Sin City (with Emmylou Harris) (Gram Parsons)
    9. Devil Got My Woman (Odelay)
    10. Alcohol (Loser)
    11. The Fucked Up Blues (Golden Feelings)
    12. Trouble All My Days (Golden Feelings)
    13. Gettin’ Home (Golden Feelings)
    14. Beck Will Die (KAOS Radio)
    15. Mexico (Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape)
    16. Leave Me On the Moon (Golden Leftovers)
    17. Death Is Coming To Get You (Golden Leftovers)
    18. MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack (MTV)
    19. To See That Woman of Mine (MTV)
    20. Steve Threw Up (Steve)
    21. When the Water Will Take Back the Land (1992 Demo)
    22. Goin’ Nowhere Fast (Banjo Story)

    Stereo-Ode, Pathetic Lay (Experimental/Noisy/Instrumental)
    1. In a Cold Ass Fashion (?)
    2. Fume (Loser)
    3. Corvette Bummer (Loser
    4. Soul Suckin’ Jerk (Reject) (Loser)
    5. Asskizz Powergrudge (Payback! ’94) (Mellow Gold)
    6. .000.000 (Odelay)
    7. Lemonade (Odelay)
    8. Clock (Odelay)
    9. Electric Music and the Summer People (Odelay)
    10. Thunder Peel (Odelay)
    11. SA-5 (Deadweight)
    12. Erase the Sun (Deadweight)
    13. Little Drum Machine Boy (Christmas album)
    14. Black Balloon (Mutations)
    15. Zatyricon (Midnite Vultures)
    16. Acropolis Now (Instrumental) (
    17. Premonition (Instrumental) (
    18. Christian Dior Theme (? –

    Sea Mutations (Pretty Songs)
    1. Totally Confused (Odelay DE)
    2. Feather In Your Cap (Odelay DE)
    3. Brother (Odelay DE)
    4. Diamond In the Sleaze (Mutations)
    5. One of These Days (Mutations)
    6. Runners Dial Zero (Mutations)
    7. Ship In a Bottle (Sea Change)
    8. Sorrow (
    9. Day For Night (
    10. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime (Eternal Sunshine)
    11. True Love Will Find You In the End (Daniel Johnston)
    12. Pink Moon (Nick Drake,
    13. Which Will (Nick Drake,
    14. Parasite (Nick Drake,

    In Midnite Vulture Formation (Hip-Hop)
    1. This Is My Crew (MV)
    2. Arabian Nights (MV)
    3. Dirty Dirty (MV)
    4. Midnite Vultures (MV)
    5. Diamond Dogs (Moulin Rouge)
    6. California Rodeo (feat. Kool Keith) (? –
    7. Feel Good Time (? –
    8. Clap Hands (Guero)
    9. This Girl That I Know (The Information)
    10. O Menina (The Information)
    11. Diskobox (Odelay)
    12. Gold Chains (Odelay)
    13. Inferno (Odelay)

    Modern Guero (Pop/Rock)
    1. Burro (Odelay)
    2. Deadweight (Deadweight)
    3. Electric Music and the Summer People (Mutations)
    4. Halo of Gold (Mutations)
    5. Salt in the Wound (Midnite Vultures)
    6. Bloodless (? –
    7. Timebomb (Timebomb)
    8. Untitled Song 2 (
    9. Funky Lil’ Song (Bruce Haack)
    10. Send a Message to Her (Guero)
    11. Chain Reaction (Guero)
    12. Inside Out (The Information)
    13. Vampire Voltage No. 6 (Modern Guilt)
    14. Bonfire Blondes (Modern Guilt)

  6. mellow says:

    ^ i’ve done that. and then later redone it. and over again.


    it’s hard to stick with a theme or sound.

    when i first started making cd’s out of non album tracks. i would close every cd out with remixes and bonus noises. then i quit sticking remixes on at the end. and just put them with themselves. and not mix them in with fresher (non remix) tunes. i still end my first couple of mixes with bonus noise. up until he quit doing those. the last couple i’ve done have been all over the place. i.e. mixing nacho tracks with guero/info era tracks. meh. that doesn’t really work. but hey whatcha gonna do, eh.

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