It’s My Fault For Being Famous: Beck & The White Stripes Collaborate

So a few weeks back, The White Stripes announced an upcoming single with a “special guest,” and yes, as any good Beck fan thought, the possibility of it being Beck had to have been high. 

 And we were right!  Pitchfork has the story… Beck produced the b-sides for the upcoming White Stripes’ “Conquest” single, and played on a couple of them.

A recap of all the times Beck and the Stripes have worked together (this is from memory, so I make no promise for it being complete):

1. Beck appeared in the Stripes’ video for “The Hardest Button To Button” (see it here).

2. Beck showed up to play bass on “The Denial Twist” at the Stripes’ show in LA in August 2005.

3. Jack showed up to play guitar with Beck & Smokey Hormel at their show in Detroit in August 2002.  They played “99,” “Last Fair Deal Gone Down,” and “Cold Brains.”

4. Jack plays bass on “Go It Alone” on Guero, and they reportedly did a few other songs together then too (but it’s the only one that’s out yet).

5. In a photo gallery on, Meg was pictured, hanging out with Beck and his band on a boat in Australia (I think in 2003).

6. Beck covered “Black Math” once on stage (a bootleg surfaced of this show, but it has not fallen into the hands of Beck collectors yet).

7. Jack White interviewed Beck once, read it here.

That’s all I got. 

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  1. Kilian says:

    thx for these great news!

  2. Thakmere says:

    yes this is all great, but why the hell hasn’t anyone posted anything about Timebomb comign out on 12″ yet?????? WTF! its been out since the 2nd of Nov. and i didn’t know to look. (i think, thats what the sticker said)…

    and incase u dont actually know of this. the a side is normal. the b side is instumental even without the “ill fuck a headphone” thingy….

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