beck on ginsberg dvd

Beck will be in the special features of the DVD for the 1994 movie The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg, which will be released July 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi-

    I was wondering if you wold be so kind as to add a link on your Beck BLog:
    “beck on ginsberg dvd” ?

    Thank you,
    Jerry Aronson

  2. Dan Ellis says:


    My name is Dan and I work for Jerry Aronson, director of The Life and
    Times of Allen Ginsberg. Thanks so muck for putting us on the site! Please e-mail me so I can provide photos and other goodies that will make the link even better.


    Daniel Ellis

  3. While only tangently related, I have to throw out that it seems like the time for a quick nod to Allen Ginsberg, as “Howl” is the literary equivalent to the ominous mood of today. Props for movies there to carry the man and message.

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