2006-04-09 Zepp, Osaka

Hey FOLX. Long time no post. We’ve got a report from Beck’s latest show over at the 365 days off blog. I’ve got the setlist posted below for those of you (like me) who can’t read the Japanese review. The google translator is a fun game though. ;-)

Anyways, I have been watching the setlists from the last few shows in Japan and Australia, and I have to say this one may be my favorite as of yet. Seems like a first time performance of This Girl That I Know! Whoot. Also, Time Bomb again showed its beautiful face (I saw him perform this in Austin last year and remember being blown away. Let’s hope a recording surfaces). Soldier Jane in there (another great live song) and also some Mixed Bizness. Overall, not a bad set. Can’t wait to hear some recordings to validate these few shows that look good on paper (tiger…sorry couldn’t resist).

01. Loser (Puppet Style)
02. Devil’s Haircut
03. Pollution
04. Girl
05. Time Bomb
06. Mixed Biz
07. Nausea
08. Rental Car
09. Guero
10. This Girl
11. Hell Yes
12. Cell Phone
13. Sex Laws
14. Minus
15. Think I’m In Love
16. Black Tambourine
17. Soldier Jane
18. Motorcade
19. Broken Drum
20. Acoustic Table
21. Clap Hands
(Puppet Film)
22. 1000BPM
23. Where It’s At
24. E-Pro

3 Responses to “2006-04-09 Zepp, Osaka”

  1. AlmostAGhost says:

    It’s “Sexx” not “Sex,” Mr. Whoever Typed Up The Setlist

  2. yukari says:

    hello fellow beck funs!

    here are the songs from “20. Acoustic Table”

    Wave of Mutilation(Pixies cover)
    Lonesome Tears
    Lost Cause
    The Golden Age
    Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground cover)
    One Foot In The Grave

    the show was amazing! it was the best show i’ve seen in my life!
    beck appeared eating a banana. awwwww cute!
    puppets play and dance hard. there was a puppet’s film and table set.
    a pair of bear appeared (brian in the dark colored bear and beck in the other one)!

    i’d love to write more but there is no time at the moment. sorry :'(

    anyway, beck and the band members are in Kyoto now! they are around my place! i’m in no mood for work! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  3. Candy says:

    hi yukari! i saw a drawing of beck with a banana on http://hambeck.exblog.jp and wondered if he really ate one during the show. :) Thanks for the report!

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