2006 Year in Review

It may be a little bit late for this, but who doesn’t enjoy a good year-end review? 2006 was a good year for Beck fans, so I’ve put together this list of all the new Beck stuff that was released or discovered last year. For all the non-commercially-released stuff, make sure to head over to the BeckTabs hub, your Mecca for Beck earcandy media. (I can’t believe I wrote earcandy. I apologize.)

Keep in mind, this list is leaving out a whole mess of great concerts, club gigs and TV appearances, not to mention videos, puppet shows, t-shirts and lots of other great stuff. You can find a lot of that on the hub, too.









So what am I leaving off? Any major Beck events you think deserve attention? Let us know in the comments!

(On a personal note, I saw Beck perform three times in 2006, tying with 2002. Yeah, me!)

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