My Heart Is With The Children

So I happened to see an early screening of Nacho Libre last night.  As was reported a few months back, Beck was recording for the score of this movie.  The movie poster and IMDB, however, said the score was by Danny Elfman.  Turns out, both are right.  Elfman did much of the score.  But Beck did some too.  There was one piece in it that was Beck playing acoustic guitar, with harmonica.  Another had Beck sort of humming/”la la la”ing over some acoustic guitar.  And there was a new Beck song with lyrics in there as well!  I watched the credits, and it listed 6 or 7 new Beck titles; the only two I can remember are “10,000 Pesos” and “My Heart Is With The Children” (both titles relevant to the movie).  If anyone sees this, please let me know the other titles.  I do not yet know of any way these songs will be released.  (The movie was hilarious, btw.  Highly recommended if you enjoy Jack Black.)

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  1. allison says:

    The other titles are:

    “Holy Man”
    “Return of the Luchador”
    “Tender Beast of the Spangled Night”
    “There Is No Place For Me In This World”

    As far as I know, Paramount is not planning on releasing an official soundrack. Does anyone know where you could download these tracks? They’re not on Limewire, as far as I can see.

  2. stanky leg says:

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