Drop Down
By: Brad Laner

Original Performance: Amnesia
Written by: Brad Laner

  1. Drop Down (5:09)
    Available on Lingus.
    Beck Hansen: Harmonica
The Song:

Amnesia was a project by Brad Laner, another musician from Los Angeles. Apparently, he had been friends with Beck since they were both kids, which would explain not only Beck's guest-spot on Amnesia's album, Lingus (recorded in the fall of 1997), but also Beck's father David Campbell providing string arrangements for three of the songs (although "Drop Down" was not one of them). Beck's bassist, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who has also known Beck for a really long time, plays bass on one song. JMJ knew Laner from their days together in the group, Medicine.

The hyperbolic press release for Lingus says, "This is adventurous, visionary, breathtaking stuff that straddles the ever-blurring lines between art and pop, between electronics and stringed instruments..."

It goes on and calls "Drop Down" itself, "The album's gutbucket blues number, with Beck as the spotlit kid/duelling harmonica donor. Don't miss the swelling organ, the anti-Popper solo, the Frippacino Guitar Blast and the drummer giving us some-backwards!" "The spotlit kid" is a reference to the Captain Beefheart album The Spotlight Kid, from which Beck draws much inspiration. (See "Grow Fins.")