All The Young Dudes
By: David Bowie

Original Performance: Mott The Hoople
Written by: David Bowie

The Song:

"All The Young Dudes" is a classic song by Mott The Hoople, which was written and produced by David Bowie. (Read its wiki page.)

Beck played it live once.


Played live once:
October 3, 2008

Beck did a show on the radio with MGMT, and they played a whole pile of cover songs. One was "All The Young Dudes" which according to the setlist was done as a medley with "Across The Universe"--an interesting combo because "All The Young Dudes" dismisses The Beatles, and because David Bowie has covered "Across The Universe" himself. :)

The show does not circulate yet, unfortunately, hopefully one day we'll be able to hear it.