Devil Town
By: Daniel Johnston

Original Performance: Daniel Johnston
Written by: Daniel Johnston

Live Versions:
  1. Devil Town
Devil Town [Live version (a)]:

[From November 26, 2000 version]

Oh Lord it really brings me down
About the Devil Town

And all my friend were vampires
Didn't know they were vampires
Didn't know I was a vampire myself
In the Devil Town

I have been to Aberdeen
The spirit will rise
I have seen in Aberdeen
The devil has Texas

Purple rose, they shall wear
The spirit rise
The numbers on their forehead and their hands
The devil has Texas

In the sky, the number seven, the devil defeated
In the sky, the new Jerusalem
I have been to Aberdeen, the spirit will rise
The Song:

"Devil Town" is an interesting cover choice for Beck. The original Daniel Johnston recording appears on his album 1990. Also on that album is a song called "Some Things Last A Long Time," which Beck covered just a few weeks before this one, while at KCRW. This album is one of the biggest influences on Beck, and tonight he sang the opening two tracks from it. It is very cool that Beck covered a couple of his songs?even if it was many years later.

This song was a unique and kind of odd way for Beck to open his brief set at the Petra Haden Benefit Concert on November 26 2000. Beck's voice was the focal point, and you can tell - even on the bootleg - that it had a mesmerizing effect over the audience.

Played live once:
November 26, 2000