By: Marian Grudeff, Raymond Jessel
Written by: Marian Grudeff, Raymond Jessel

Version Of: "99"

This Version:
  • "99"
From August 11, 2002 version

So you think you see a pussycat you'd like to pet
You start to come on strong to see how far you will get
You feed that pussycat that "I'm a tiger" line
You don't know you're messin' with 99, 99

Well, you brag about your motorboat and Cadillacs
You cheated about a million on your income tax
It isn't till they slap you with a great big fine
That you know that you've been messin' with 99, 99

Well, there's music on the hi-fi and she dims the light
She fixes a Martini that is out of sight
Your tongue begins to loosen 'cause you're all alone
But that ain't an olive, buddy, that's a microphone

Oh you're a foreign spy who wants to come in from the cold
You've never been uncovered, you're so self-controlled
But then all these things will happen in time
Because you know you have been messin' with 99, 99

You're the highest paid informer for a Balkan state
On your night off, you invite her for a dinner date
But if she freshens up, then you'll be unemployed
'Cause that ain't a lipstick, buddy, that's a Polaroid

So listen, tigers, this is what it's all about
A pussycat will get you if you don't watch out
And everytime I see you walking up your spine
That's a lesson, don't go messin' with a girl
Who is caressin' a tiny Smith and Wesson
She's 99, she's 99

Played live once:
August 11, 2002