By: Marian Grudeff, Raymond Jessel

Written by: Marian Grudeff, Raymond Jessel

Live Versions:
  1. "99"
"99" [Live version (a)]:

From August 11, 2002 version

So you think you see a pussycat you'd like to pet
You start to come on strong to see how far you will get
You feed that pussycat that "I'm a tiger" line
You don't know you're messin' with 99, 99

Well, you brag about your motorboat and Cadillacs
You cheated about a million on your income tax
It isn't till they slap you with a great big fine
That you know that you've been messin' with 99, 99

Well, there's music on the hi-fi and she dims the light
She fixes a Martini that is out of sight
Your tongue begins to loosen 'cause you're all alone
But that ain't an olive, buddy, that's a microphone

Oh you're a foreign spy who wants to come in from the cold
You've never been uncovered, you're so self-controlled
But then all these things will happen in time
Because you know you have been messin' with 99, 99

You're the highest paid informer for a Balkan state
On your night off, you invite her for a dinner date
But if she freshens up, then you'll be unemployed
'Cause that ain't a lipstick, buddy, that's a Polaroid

So listen, tigers, this is what it's all about
A pussycat will get you if you don't watch out
And everytime I see you walking up your spine
That's a lesson, don't go messin' with a girl
Who is caressin' a tiny Smith and Wesson
She's 99, she's 99
The Song:

This song is from the Get Smart soundtrack (a spy-comedy sitcom from the '60s).

This song was sung by Agent-99 herself, the sexy Barbara Feldon.

Played live once:
August 11, 2002

Beck played this song with Jack White and Smokey Hormel on August 11, 2002, in Michigan. An interesting, and fun, choice of a song for the three groovy cats to do together. Beck was on his keyboard, Smokey played guitar, and Jack sang. They also played "Cold Brains" and "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" together.

Beck and Jack's live performance

the original version