Whiskey Can Can
By: Beck Hansen, Calvin Johnson

Written by: Beck Hansen, Calvin Johnson

  1. Whiskey Can Can (2:15)
    Available on One Foot In The Grave and 1 other release.
    James Bertram: Bass
    Scott Plouf: Drums
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Calvin Johnson: Recording
Whiskey Can Can [Version (a)]:

Come on now, bread and butter
No one knows a better mother
She's the guy who kills the sky
Burns the night out when she goes away

She's the boat in the sewer
She's the old man with manure
Rockin' all night like a drum
Goin' back where she comes from

Can of whiskey
Big guitars on the wall
Crackerjacks burn and fall
Styrofoam in her hair
She is barely anywhere

Can of whiskey
Can of whiskey
The Song:

"Whiskey Can Can" is an outtake from Beck's One Foot in the Grave sessions in 1993. It was released along with a couple of other outtakes on the "It's All In Your Mind" single in 1995.

Then in 2009, Beck released a Deluxe version of One Foot and included "Whiskey Can Can" as one of the bonus tracks.

Interestingly, Calvin Johnson is credited as a co-writer for this song; the other songs he co-wrote are all ones he duets with Beck on. On "Whiskey Can Can", Calvin does not seem to appear.

That said, it does sound very much like a Calvin Johnson/Beat Happening song, with it's calm music and bizarre lyrics. Also, Beck sings in a deeper drawl, somewhat mimicking Calvin's voice. Beck's vocals are my favorite part of the song, they hesitate and crack a little; a very charming performance.