Big Stompin' Mama
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Big Stompin' Mama

This Version:
Now, brothers and sisters...
??? Vietnam
And I want you all to sing me a small little selection
While I'm picking up these herbs

Big stompin' mama with a can of lead
Thick gold chain wrapped around her head
Puddle of pain pleading in a wedge
She's got to carry ???
Baby baby want to lose her mind
Big stompin' mama with a paycheck comin'
Flipped-out finger with a ring all around it
Stomp that dog leg, eatin' some blood
Steamboat blowing up the Carolina mud
Gettin' what you need off a broke based weasel
And the diesel burning oil in the campfire roach
She's a lover, she's a money-squeezer
Never please her all night long
The Song:

Since Fresh Meat is a compilation tape of sorts, it is unfortunate that we do not know about the original tape from which this recording came.