Big Stompin' Mama
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Big Stompin' Mama (1:14)
    Available on Feel The Bunny and 1 other release.
    Beck Hansen: Drums, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Big Stompin' Mama [Version (a)]:

Now, brothers and sisters...
??? Vietnam
And I want you all to sing me a small little selection
While I'm picking up these herbs

Big stompin' mama with a can of lead
Thick gold chain wrapped around her head
Puddle of pain pleading in a wedge
She's got to carry ???
Baby baby want to lose her mind
Big stompin' mama with a paycheck comin'
Flipped-out finger with a ring all around it
Stomp that dog leg, eatin' some blood
Steamboat blowing up the Carolina mud
Gettin' what you need off a broke based weasel
And the diesel burning oil in the campfire roach
She's a lover, she's a money-squeezer
Never please her all night long
The Song:

This is one of the stranger songs Beck has put to tape. After a sample of a gospel preacher, Beck duets with himself over a (sort of) steady drumbeat. He sings in an exaggerated gruff voice, as well as a comically high-pitched voice (I assume that's him). The lyrics are at times difficult to discern because of the silly vocals, but they are pretty entertaining. This is the type of track Beck probably produced in 15 minutes to amuse himself during fits of boredom/inspiration. It makes good filler for the Fresh Meat tape.