Sympathy Fuck
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

This Version:
Running freely
Tainted by the affliction
Seduced deeply into myself
Faceless emerging
Guided by the mango
Smeared darkly on the grave
Black confetti on the mango
Do not try this at home!
Remain of the mango
The Song:

"Sympathy Fuck" sounds like the longer, unedited version of "Mango! (Vader Rocks)" from Western Harvest. I'm not sure what required it being edited, but it was. This longer version, however, was unreleased, and not discovered until later when a series of Golden Feelings outtakes were unearthed.

The main difference between the two songs is that this version has more percussion, some funny falsetto vocal overdubs, and some more lyrics about mangoes. I think this is quite a good and interesting recording that definitely should have been a b-side somewhere along the way.