Mango (Vader Rocks!)
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Mango (Vader Rocks!) (2:23)
    Available on A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Percussion, Vocals
  2. Sympathy Fuck (2:36)
    Available on Golden Leftovers.
Mango (Vader Rocks!) [Version (a)]:

A sparkling array
She glides
Tainted by the affliction
Seduced deeply into myself
Black confetti
Sympathy Fuck [Version (b)]:

Running freely
Tainted by the affliction
Seduced deeply into myself
Faceless emerging
Guided by the mango
Smeared darkly on the grave
Black confetti on the mango
Do not try this at home!
Remain of the mango
The Song:

"Mango (Vader Rocks!)" is a bizarre sound recording, with a light acoustic guitar and a deep Darth Vader voice speaking weird lines like "Seduced deeply into myself."

The track on Western Harvest is an edited version of the Golden Feelings outtake, "Sympathy Fuck." That outtake is much longer, and has some extra beats.

"Mango (Vader Rocks!)" seems to have the wild percussion/falsetto section edited out: the part that comes after "faceless, emerging" in "Sympathy Fuck." Beck also edited out all of the mango lyrics, ironically. The acoustic guitar is the same.

"Sympathy Fuck" is much wilder, crazier, and well, just more complete than "Mango." It's bizarre to me that "Mango" is the version that was released, while "Sympathy Fuck" was not.