Uneventful Days (St. Vincent remix)
By: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams

Written by: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams

Version Of: Uneventful Days

This Version:
  • Uneventful Days (St. Vincent remix)
    Available on Uneventful Days.
    Annie Clark: Bass, Guitar, keyboards
    Sam Kaufman-Skloff: Drums
    Cian Riordan: Engineer
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
The Song:

Annie Clark of St. Vincent remixed "Uneventful Days" for Beck. It was released in January, 2020.

Here is what she wrote about it when it came out:

"I remixed @beck’s new song, “Uneventful Days”! I guess I was listening to a lot of 70’s Herbie and WAR at the time and wondering how much funk was inside me, too. I sent it to Beck and he dug it, but he said “it should be 3 bpm faster.” And what do you know? HE WAS SO RIGHT. It made all the difference in the groove."