By: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft
Written by: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft

Version Of: Bologny

This Version:
  • Bologny (2:03)
    Available on Bogusflow.
    Clare Crespo: Bass
    Lisa Dembling: Drums
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Steve Hanft: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Gonna kiss you, I'm gonna kiss you
I'm gonna piss you off and your sister

I got a lemon, a number seven
I got a heaven where we can be chill

Weightlifting ?? chicken
Shot my steak in the leg and I'm homeless

We'll be cooking with some ice cubes
Old lady having a baby

Went to Portland with a fork and a spoon
It was August, maybe it was June

Made a Xerox of my socks
Gave a honey to my funny bologna

Shot an asshole at a castle
With bologna and I'm still feeling lonely

People looking in the storelight
Shot my steak in the lega and I'm homeless