By: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft
Written by: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft

  1. Bologny (2:03)
    Available on Bogusflow.
    Clare Crespo: Bass
    Lisa Dembling: Drums
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Steve Hanft: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Bologny [Version (a)]:

Gonna kiss you, I'm gonna kiss you
I'm gonna piss you off and your sister

I got a lemon, a number seven
I got a heaven where we can be chill

Weightlifting ?? chicken
Shot my steak in the leg and I'm homeless

We'll be cooking with some ice cubes
Old lady having a baby

Went to Portland with a fork and a spoon
It was August, maybe it was June

Made a Xerox of my socks
Gave a honey to my funny bologna

Shot an asshole at a castle
With bologna and I'm still feeling lonely

People looking in the storelight
Shot my steak in the lega and I'm homeless
The Song:

In early 2017, Steve Hanft ripped and put up a short old tape on Youtube. It consisted of some duets he did with Beck, as well as some Liquor Cabinet songs (a band they were both in). The picture of the tape is labeled "Bogusflow" and dated December 1993. After a couple of days, someone asked Steve for track names, and he included them.

"Bologny" is a full band song on this tape (probably Liquor Cabinet). It is a catchy duet, and sounds very much like the kind of thing Beck, just a month or two later, would go create in Olympia with Calvin Johnson for One Foot In The Grave.

Listen to the whole tape here: