Silk Pillow
By: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover
Original Performance: Childish Gambino
Written by: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover

Version Of: Silk Pillow

This Version:
  • Silk Pillow (4:10)
    Available on R O Y A L T Y.
    Beck Hansen: Producer, Vocals
    Donald Glover: Producer, Vocals
Beck's verse:

Centrifugal force pulling me off course
In a horse race changing horses midstream 14th place
On videotape surveillance playback
Saw you lose face, disgraced
God forbid you fall off of the face of the Earth
We'd chase a blackhole of what you thought it was worth today
"Don't shoot the piano player," I heard them say
It was your fault, centrifugal force, you got caught
Convict monotonous, a verdict thoughtless
As you read it out loud, at least I was being relatively honest
Standing in your office trying to speak to some anacondas
Eking solace from the sawdust
While your doppelgangers dance topless
No-one notices they got their own dramas
Dramaramas melodramas
You draw commas on the eyes of madonnas
And wonder why you can't turn traumas into nirvanas