Silk Pillow
By: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover

Original Performance: Childish Gambino
Written by: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover

  1. Silk Pillow (4:10)
    Available on R O Y A L T Y.
    Beck Hansen: Producer, Vocals
    Donald Glover: Producer, Vocals
Silk Pillow [Version (a)]:

Beck's verse:

Centrifugal force pulling me off course
In a horse race changing horses midstream 14th place
On videotape surveillance playback
Saw you lose face, disgraced
God forbid you fall off of the face of the Earth
We'd chase a blackhole of what you thought it was worth today
"Don't shoot the piano player," I heard them say
It was your fault, centrifugal force, you got caught
Convict monotonous, a verdict thoughtless
As you read it out loud, at least I was being relatively honest
Standing in your office trying to speak to some anacondas
Eking solace from the sawdust
While your doppelgangers dance topless
No-one notices they got their own dramas
Dramaramas melodramas
You draw commas on the eyes of madonnas
And wonder why you can't turn traumas into nirvanas
The Song:

"Silk Pillow" can be found on Childish Gambino's 2012 mixtape, R O Y A L T Y. (It can be downloaded for free on his website.) Beck also produced the track "Bronchitis" for the mixtape. Beck has said that he did 4-5 songs for Childish Gambino, but it remains to be seen what will happen with the remaining tracks.

Beck raps on "Silk Pillow," doing the first verse, very much in his "1000BPM"-type flow. There are some fantastic lines in this!