By: Thurston Moore, Yanni
Original Performance: Yanni
Written by: Thurston Moore, Yanni

Version Of: Nostalgia

This Version:
  • Nostalgia (4:10)
    Available on Yanni Live At The Acropolis.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    Abraham Laboriel: Bass
    Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
    Jeff Babko: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Thurston Moore: Vocals
Melted ice, animal nitrates
Amazon thunder and ice
Shooting lasers from your fingers
Playing ??
Shredding bass in a graveyard
Steroid souls, hardlight crystals
Aeroplanes ride in the ether
To a temple of chrome
Where memories are grown
Hardcore rainbows we inhale
As tender boats of thunder and hail
Crashing silent, joy transcendent
The sunlight with a penknife
Melted eyes, animal nitrates
Amazon thunder and ice