By: Thurston Moore, Yanni

Original Performance: Yanni
Written by: Thurston Moore, Yanni

  1. Nostalgia (4:10)
    Available on Yanni Live At The Acropolis.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    Abraham Laboriel: Bass
    Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
    Jeff Babko: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Thurston Moore: Vocals
Nostalgia [Version (a)]:

Melted ice, animal nitrates
Amazon thunder and ice
Shooting lasers from your fingers
Playing ??
Shredding bass in a graveyard
Steroid souls, hardlight crystals
Aeroplanes ride in the ether
To a temple of chrome
Where memories are grown
Hardcore rainbows we inhale
As tender boats of thunder and hail
Crashing silent, joy transcendent
The sunlight with a penknife
Melted eyes, animal nitrates
Amazon thunder and ice
The Song:

"Nostalgia" can be found on Yanni's Live At The Acropolis album. Beck and Thurston Moore, in the fifth Record Club project, covered the album in its entirety.

Yanni's version of "Nostalgia" starts out quiet before it steps up into some repetitive piano leads and dramatic strings. The piano carries on for most of the song, while the strings do different things.

The Record Club does not sound, to me, like it has a whole lot of similarity to the original. But there are so many keyboard riffs in there (including The Doors "Riders On The Storm" I think), and possibly Yanni is in there too.

Beck does not appear to play anything in the video, but Thurston Moore reads his poetry from a notepad.

The video begins with keyboardist Russell Ferrante amazed and confused by the score he's trying to figure out. (As wrote about it, Thurston, Beck and the "crew of heavyweight studio musicians" "tackle an apparently unreadable score."

In the background of the video, there are two people dressed in Yanni mustaches standing around.