By: Thurston Moore, Yanni
Original Performance: Yanni
Written by: Thurston Moore, Yanni

Version Of: Santorini

This Version:
  • Santorini (2:38)
    Available on Yanni Live At The Acropolis.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    Abraham Laboriel: Bass
    Toss Panos: Drums
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background)
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Jeff Babko: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Russell Ferrante: Piano
Start a fire
Burn burn burn burn it baby
Got a brand new pack of matches
And I'm ready to set fire
To this crazy scene
Burn burn burn
Tires on fire, cars
Piles of heated metal
Nice & nice & nice & hot
Roasted pigs
Roasted pigs
Oinking oinking oinking oinking
To the night sky
Orange orange
Had so much fun with you yesterday
But now what do we do?
Start another fire, me and you!
Yea yea what's that?
Oh it's just another loose tooth
That's right
Bluetooth headset!
Lost a tooth

L.A. sunshine
It's hot hot hot hot hot
Goin' back
I'm goin' back to Africa