War In Peace
By: Alexander 'Skip' Spence

Original Performance: Alexander 'Skip' Spence
Written by: Alexander 'Skip' Spence

  1. War In Peace (5:09)
    Available on Oar.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Pat Sansone: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Nels Cline: Guitar (Electric)
    Mikael Jorgensen: keyboards
    Brian Lebarton: Synthesizer
    Jamie Lidell: Vocals
    Feist: Vocals (Background)
War In Peace [Version (a)]:

It's a joy to know you're resting in peace
War in peace, what a funny combination
Will come to separation since you believe

Good old spice, it's nice to see you last, you're ahead
War in peace, what a funny combination
Will come to your coronation, this is clear

It's a joy to see you in your red risen dead
Risen dead will cross another generation
And the cosmic federation sees you clear

The Song:

"War In Peace" is a song from Skip Spence's album, Oar. Beck and his Record Club covered the album in its entirety.

The original "War In Peace" is a slow and spooky song, but musically playful as Spence messes around at the end, even hinting at the famous riff from Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love." The Record Club version is sung by Jamie Lidell, who brings his staggering falsetto to the melody. The band, including some of Wilco and Beck, smooth out the ramshackle nature of Spence's original a bit, highlighted by a crazy ripping electric guitar solo by Nels Cline (what he's known for). They even drop in a small "Sunshine Of Your Love" jam at the end just like Spence would approve.