Der Computer

  1. Der Computer (25:39)
    Available on Planned Obsolescence.
The Song:

"Der Computer" was the 13th Planned Obsolescence DJ mix on (and 12th made my Beck). Beck never included a tracklist on this one, so I'm not sure all the songs that were included, but it appears to be a mix of songs about computers. Here's some of what is in it (not a complete list yet):

Prince "Computer Love"
George Clinton "Computer Games"
France Gall "Der Computer Nr.3"
Kraftwerk "Computerwelt"
Datarock "Computer Camp Love"
Newcleus "Computer Age (Push The Button)"
Stax "New York Computer Break Dance"
Prince "My Computer"
Allen Toussaint "Computer Lady"
Sonic Youth "Computer Age" (Neil Young cover)
Adam Green "Computer Show"