By: Alexander 'Skip' Spence

Original Performance: Alexander 'Skip' Spence
Written by: Alexander 'Skip' Spence

  1. Diana (3:52)
    Available on Oar.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    John Stirratt: Bass
    Glenn Kotche: Drums
    James Gadson: Drums
    Brian Lebarton: Effects
    Jamie Lidell: Finger Snaps, Vocals (Background)
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Jeff Tweedy: Guitar (Electric)
    Mikael Jorgensen: keyboards
    Pat Sansone: keyboards
    Feist: Percussion
Diana [Version (a)]:

Oh Diana
Tears fall like rain
Oh oh Diana
I am in pain
Says my heartbeat

Oh oh Diana
You are a glove
Mmm Diana
I am in love

Oh oh Diana
I see you clear
Mmm oh Diana
I beg you near

I see you conquered
And I am traveling
Trying to get to you
And I'll travel hard
The Song:

"Diana" is the 3rd song on Skip Spence's album, Oar. It is a meditative, repetitive folk song, slightly spooky but pure Spence.

Beck's third Record Club session covered the entire album. Beck takes the lead vocals, sounding exasperated and breathless, fitting nicely into the slightly dark, yet romantic, feel of the song. The atmospheric guitar by Jeff Tweedy surrounding everything make this a wonderful recording as well.
Record Club version:

Skip Spence's original: